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Paper Products

We cover all your paper needs. We are an International Paper Distributor.

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Book Printing Paper,
reading is a good habit!

We offer a wide range of papers for different requirements from paperbacks to coffee table books. Our range includes uncoated mechanical to high end wood-free grades. The book paper grades are suitable for heat set web offset, cold set web offset, belt press and sheet fed offset printing. We also offer various materials for book covers. 

Uncoated Book Paper

Wood-free or mechanical in shades of blue white and cream. A wide range is offered to the market with high bulk alternatives which offer more print surface area per weight. Perfect for paperback books but also suited for hard cover.

Coated Book Paper

Coated or pigmentated in shades of blue white and cream. Highly suited for books with colour printing and ideal for hardcover books.

High Bulk Book Paper

Having a slightly lower brightness than other book papers but offering a smooth surface despite its high bulk. It is considered one of the most cost effective options and is used in particular for paperback books in large print runs and for comic books.

Multipurpose Book Printing Paper

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