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Paper Products

We cover all your paper needs. We are an International Paper Distributor.

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Office Paper, with reliability.

Spend less time on paper getting stuck, service calls and machine breakdowns – spend more time creating, communicating and working.

Pre Print Paper

Productivity being key for a copier or printer - preprint papers used need to offer runnability and printability, even for hi-speed printing and the most demanding post-printing & inserting machines.

Writing Paper

Our writing paper offering has an improved surface, strength and formation for writing with various pens including fountain, ballpoint or felt-tip pens.

Inkjet Paper

Modern printers are designed for higher printing productivity with huge volumes of variable data. We supply paper specifically designed to meet the demands of these high-speed applications. The paper is also optimized for low ink consumption and maximum color scale to achieve print quality at a lower total print cost for any high-speed, pigment or dye-based press.

High Volume Office Paper

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