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Paper Products

We cover all your paper needs. We are an International Paper Distributor.

Newsprint, make a strong headline.

Whether standard, specialty or improved newsprint, our suppliers deliver. For large print runs, the paper needs to maintain a consistent quality. The newsprint we offer combines the optimal mix of excellent print results, grammage range and cost efficiency.

The newsprint we offer has a wide range of uses in commercial printing, including newspapers, free sheets, tabloids, inserts, magazine and week-end supplements, circulars and special-interest publishing. Both virgin fibre and recycled newsprint is available with us.

Standard Newsprint

The most common type of paper used to print major newspapers. It is the thinnest variety of newsprint and therefore one of the most economical for cold set web offset printing.

Improved Newsprint

Thicker and brighter than the standard type due to its surface, improved newsprint is often used for the outer pages of newspapers or for a higher quality feel.

Specialty Newsprint

One of the thickest types, ideal for advertising inserts, photography and magazine-style publications. Due to the thickness of specialty newsprint, it is often used in full-colour and four-colour processing for heat set web offset, rotogravure and flexo-printing.

Versatile Newsprint

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